The Knuckleheads

Team Member 1

Rahul Lahoria

Rahul Lahoria is the Founder of Shatkon Labs and a true clue programmer. He’s passionate about the limitless possibilities that well written Software programs offer to make the world a better place to live in, literally. An efficiency freak, he’s obsessed about developing software which is not only efficient at what it is meant to do but also to run computationally exhaustive software over less computational devices. Rahul holds a Masters Degree in IT from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Team Member 2

Rajnish Panwar

Rajnish Kumar, the Lead Developer holds a Masters degree in Computer Science Engineering. Everywhere Rajnish look, he’s faced with a marketplace saturated with generic website companies full of slang and empty stipulation. In sync with Shatkon Labs’s principles, he thinks the consumer deserves better and wants to “be the change he wants to see”. He’s a man on the mission to change things and ensure a smile on the clients face, every single time.

Team Member 3

Rutwik Kishan Rao

Rutwik Kishan Rao is a Mechanical Engineer turned Lawyer who specialises in Intellectual Property Laws. This IIT KGP alumni has a passion Technology and it’s social and legal implications . An entrepreneur at heart and a fun loving enthusiastic person over all, he brings with him the best of the worlds of Technology and of Law.

Team Member 1

Vikas Nagar

Vikas Nagar have specialization in marketing. His quest to become an entrepreneur to solve the difficulties faced by the people lends him as a Cofounder of Sharkon Labs. He is innovative, analytical and possesses the determination necessary to get the job done. He has Masters in Business Administration from NIPER, Mohali.


We design & develop qaulity products to help small & medium level business and solve different business problems at diffrent levels.